VAPS Managing Director, Mr. R. Siddesh Kumar, is taking the opportunity to explain about the various software and technology solutions that VAPS offers, such as the IVRM software, VAPS Digital Campus, VAPS Mobile App, E-Learning, and Robotics. This will give attending delegates a better understanding of how VAPS is innovating in the education space and how these solutions can benefit their institutions. It’s always important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, especially in the education sector, and it sounds like VAPS is leading the way in this regard.

VAPS is gearing up for an impactful presence at the 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya Schools Complexes 2023. The live demos of updated tech-savvy information at Stall No. 15 present a great opportunity to engage with attending institutions and potentially form new partnerships. This initiative demonstrates VAPS’s commitment to making a lasting impact on the future of education. #29thNationalAnnualConferenceofSahodayaSchools#digitalcampus#entrepreneurlifestyle#ELearning#robotics#artificialintelligence#ivrmmodule#kiosk#digitalsignage#schools#colleges#institutions#management#vapstech#software#onlinelearning#29thNationalAnnualConferenceofSahodayaSchoolsComplexes2023

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